The best thing about chain link fences is the ease of making adjustments when needed.

While chain link fences are an affordable option to enclose residential and commercial property, the options for widening a fence gate can get expensive if not tackled properly.

Yet chain-link fencing is one of the easiest to customize, so if your gate is not the right size and you want to make some adjustments to the dimensions, here are some easy and practical options.

How Do You Widen Chain Link Fence Gate?

The easiest way to widen a chain link fence gate is to simply purchase a wider gate. You can buy a fence frame post and hinge hardware to make the gate frame yourself.

However, an economical option is to dig out the cemented post and insert it slightly farther away. Then, you can stretch the chain link fence to be bigger or replace it with a longer fence section. 

To stretch out and widen a chain link fence, you will need some supplies from a nearby hardware store. A tension bar, a fence stretcher, and a clamp can get the job done in no time.

Stretch the fence to make it wider

Start by disconnecting the fencing from the post by unscrewing the metal pieces and hinges. Then, insert the tension bar throughout the loops of the chain link. Attach a fence stretcher to hold it, then crank up the clamp to stretch it to your desired length.

Once you’ve widened the fence fabric to a particular width, you can hook it back to the newly-positioned post.

To ensure hassle-free widening, ensure not to over-stretch the fence fabric; rather, keep it at an optimal tension with suitable flexibility. Also, we recommend wrapping the wire ties in three positions on the loop post to distribute the tension from the fence chain links.

If you need to widen the gate more than a few inches it may be best to move from a single panel gate to double gates. Just remove part of the fixed fence wall and add the gates. 

You may need to buy 2 new panels to fill the gap or if you are lucky you can use the existing panel and just add one beside it.

How Do You Add A Gate To An Existing Chain Link Fence?

The easiest place to add a new gate to your chain link fence is between two existing terminal posts. Start by removing wires from the top rail and line posts. Work your way around to remove the nuts and bolts that attach the chain link to the fence post. 

As you unfasten one side, the chain link fabric will lose its tautness. You must be cautious while performing this step because the chain link can spring back, unbolting it from the terminal post if it is stretched too tightly. Remove the rail end cup, bolts, and bands which can be reused in making the new gate.

Once you have a space between two adjacent terminal posts, you can easily measure the distance to craft your gate dimensions. Make sure to construct a gate, keeping the space for hinges and latch in mind. Adjust your gate similarly by screwing the hinges, bolts, and nuts to secure it in place. You may also cement the ground below or add chicken wire underneath the fence to fill in gaps.

Add A Gate To An Existing Chain Link Fence

That covers any gaps along the border of the fence but what if you want it taller?

How To Increase the Height Of Chain Link Fence Gate

If the height of your chain link fence is insufficient, you can always add material to increase it. Whether you want more security or privacy, there are many ways to achieve your desired height in a chain link fence gate.

An easy way out is to add welded wire to the top. Welded wire is exceptionally strong due to its checkered pattern. Use pliers to attach the welded wire to the chain link fence. Galvanized aluminum or steel wires help secure and attach it to the post.

Hardware cloth or mesh is another pre-cut option that can add height to your fence top. It maintains an upright position without adding extra posts. Similarly, Tenax is also a pre-cut plastic fencing fabric. It comes without sharp edges but may require T-posts for extra support.

Other than focusing on the fencing fabric, you can increase the height by simply lengthening the posts. Attaching PVC pipes to your fence posts can drastically increase the height of the fence.


It is always a good option to consult a professional and research before planning a project like this. Widening a chain link fence gate is no rocket science. All you need to do is take accurate dimensions, make sure the ground is level and marked, re-adjust the poles and stretch the fence fabric to your desired width. You can also benefit from our DIY suggestions if you want to increase the height of the fence without breaking the bank.