If you’re working outside, you need the best waterproof gloves for work to help you get the job done right. It is the worst when you’re outdoors and your hands are cold, wet, and grimy. It makes it impossible to take care of business.

Finding the right pair of work gloves is the best solution for the task and I’m here to help!

The 7 Best Waterproof Gloves for Work Reviewed

Here, you will find my top picks of the best waterproof gloves on the market. These gloves are all versatile and well-made but most of all, they keep the water away! There’s sure to be something here that is perfect for your needs.

Enhanced Grip, Ergodyne ProFlex 818WP

Waterproof, High Visibility, Thermal Insulated Work Gloves

My first choice and the best choice overall, are these Ergodyne Waterproof Work Gloves (on Amazon). This highly-rated glove is thermal insulated, offers an enhanced grip design, and even lets you operate your touchscreen when it rings in the middle of your work!

You can choose from whatever size is most comfortable for your hand. These are highly visible with a black and orange color design. They are both waterproof and windproof and provide dual-zone thermal protection making them great cold weather or freezer gloves to keep your hands warm and dry.

The best part is you get warmth and waterproof but the gloves are made with lightweight insulation that isn’t bulky and doesn’t make it hard to move your hands. An excellent choice for thermal work gloves.


  • Choose the size for your needs
  • Superior grip design
  • Touchscreen compatible


  • The fingers are very long compared to the sizes and you may find extra length in the fingers

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Memphis Ninja Ice N9690L

Memphis Glove N9690S Ninja Ice 15 Gauge Black Nylon Cold Weather Glove

If you’re looking for top-quality on a budget, check out these Memphis Ninja Ice gloves. These are simple but incredibly effective. In fact, you might find these to be a better option than some of the premium selections out there. The MCR Ninja gloves have a waterproof shell that provides protection while you work.

The design is meant to allow you full movement and a sense of touch while also offering mainstream protection from the elements while you work. These are made with a polymer shell combined with a 15-gauge black nylon shell. The interior is 7-gauge acrylic terry for warmth and comfort. The fingers are HPT coated for additional safety. The coating is rated for warmth even at -58 degrees.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Heavy protection with full dexterity
  • Warmth up to -58 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The coating tends to start wearing off

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Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

We love leather but it’s not always easy to find. These synthetic leather work gloves from CLC Customer Leathercraft are a great alternative! You can choose your size, ranging from small to XX-large. These are very sleek and nice and they are form-fitting to your hand for comfort and dexterity.

The fingers have a touch screen tip but are also reinforced for safety. These have a strap that closes around the wrist and keeps the gloves steady in place. They are made for cold weather so your hands can stay warm. You will find that these are the perfect combination of protection and warmth and they still allow you to move so you can get the job done!


  • Velcro strap to keep in place
  • Durable synthetic leather material
  • Padded fingers that are touchscreen compatible


  • The material is flexible but stiffer than some of the comparable options

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Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

If you really want some of the best, stick with a brand you know and trust. These Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated gloves might just be the best men’s waterproof gloves out there. They are a premium option but if you know anything about Carhartt you know that their products are made to last and they always work well.

These gloves are made with a polyester shell, a polyurethane palm, and a polyester lining. They include the strap around the wrist to keep them in place and the material wicks away swear and is completely waterproof. The cuff is fleece so your hand will stay plenty warm. These are solid and durable and very warm!


  • Reliable brand with reliable quality
  • Fast Dry technology
  • Fleece cuff for extra warmth


  • These are so effective that sometimes they are TOO warm

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Superior Winter Work Gloves

Superior Winter Work Gloves - Fleece-Lined with Black PVC Palm for Tight Grip

If you’re working, you want to know that you are getting your money’s worth, right? These Superior Winter Work gloves are pretty awesome and totally affordable. They come in sizes from small to XX-Large so you can get whatever size fits you best. These gloves are made for extremely cold temperatures but allow you to have a tight grip at the same time as staying warm.

These have a micropore PVC coating on the outside. It is very flexible for full movement but keeps out water and cold. The inside is fleece-lined for warmth and dryness. These are cold-resistance rated up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit so consider the temperatures you might be working with. These are suitable for protection against cuts, punctures, and abrasions as well.


  • Warmth and comfort
  • Available in all sizes
  • Meet glove ratings for work of all kinds


  • Not as dry or warm as some other options

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Wells Lamont Men’s Leather Palm Heavy Duty Work Gloves

Wells Lamont Men's Leather Palm Work Gloves Heavy Duty

If you want to go ahead and just spring for leather, these are totally worth a look. The Wells Lamont Men’s Genuine Leather Palm Work Gloves are made for hard work while also holding up to the elements. You can purchase these in any size from medium to XX-Large and they even look great!

The palm side of the glove is made with genuine leather. The top of the glove uses a breathable water-resistant material. Both sides are water-resistant and allow you full mobility. You also get the adjustable wrist strap and reinforced fingers and knuckles. These are not necessarily built for extreme cold but they will naturally keep your hands warm to some extent.


  • Made with genuine leather
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Reinforced knuckles and fingers for safety


  • Some users had issues with the index finger losing stitching

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Youngstown Waterproof Winter Plus Performance-Fitting Glove

Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-M Waterproof Winter Plus Performance

Don’t you just hate it when gloves are generic and they are baggy here and tight there? That’s a common problem since our hands are all different. The Youngstown Plus Performance Glove seems to have sizing figured out. They offer a sizing chart and you order from sizes small to XX-large so you can get what will fit you best.

These gloves are leather, high-performance winter gloves that are top of the line. They do cost a bit more but from what I have seen of the quality, they are worth the extra couple bucks. These are 100% waterproof. They are made for winter and insulated to keep you warm. They even have the brow wipe terry cloth on the thumb for when you work up a sweat!


  • Form-fitting glove design
  • Suitable for temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Premium materials with comfort and efficiency


  • You may need to size up one for the right fit
  • The lining sometimes messes up when you take them off and has to be pushed back in

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The Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Best Waterproof Work Gloves

Now that I’ve shared some of my top picks from the market, let’s talk about what makes them top picks and things that you will want to keep in mind when you are ready to buy. I’ve put together a simple guide with some characteristics that you should keep in mind as you peruse your options.

Let’s take a look.

Truly Waterproof

Sadly, just because a glove is labeled waterproof and claims to be so, doesn’t mean they really are. Of course, the only way to really catch on to this factor is to read and know the materials and also check out what other viewers are saying.

Some gloves are also more waterproof than others. Some gloves can be submerged in water, while others are designed to be water-resistant and protect your hands when you are working in ice and snow. There is a difference in the way the water might affect the wear here.

The most waterproof material is neoprene but these can be hard to find at reasonable prices. Then, there are gloves with waterproof palms and the back of the glove may just be resistant to water. Be sure to pay attention to the details.

Dexterity of Movement

Next, you want to make sure you’re going to be able to move your hands inside the gloves. It’s really hard to work if the gloves are super stiff because you can’t bend your fingers well enough to grip things. Look for these details. I made every effort to choose gloves with great dexterity in my top picks.


Depending on the type of work that you’re doing, you may find yourself facing possible cuts and abrasions without the proper safety. It’s best to look for options that are slightly reinforced on the knuckles and the fingers. This offers extra protection against possible harm.


Whether you’re looking for something warm and waterproof or you’re just looking for the best waterproof gloves for work at a reasonable price, I’ve got you covered! Through research and testing, these are some of the best options you will find and I hope something here can meet your needs.

Which pair do you have your eye on?


What are the Best Waterproof Materials for Work Gloves?

There are several materials that can effectively be waterproof if they are used correctly. We recommend looking for things like neoprene, polyurethane, leather or artificial leather, terrycloth, Gore-Tex, and polar fleece. These are some of the best waterproof materials.

What are the Best Materials for Warm Work Gloves?

Be sure to check the warmth details of any gloves you look at if you need warmth. Make sure you stay away from cotton as this is the least warm glove material. Most warm gloves will have a layer of fleece on the inside. Materials like neoprene and polyurethane can also be quite warm.

Do Touchscreen Friendly Gloves Really Work?

What we have found here is that it can be hit or miss. You have to have a certain amount of sensitivity in order to be able to use a touchscreen through a glove. This means that the material may be lighter or thinner and may not be as warm or protective overall.

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