As large-scale construction projects increase day by day, they continue to displace animals from their natural habitat. Because of this, birds and critters find it challenging to maintain a safe nesting spot. So, they often tend to live among us, in spaces they find suitable. 

But sometimes, these unlucky animals get trapped in small openings such as downspouts, which can be fatal. To ensure these poor birds make their way out safely, we have listed a few tricks you should know.

How Do You Get A Bird Out Of A Downspout?

If you find a bird in a downspout you will want to get it out. The first thing you should do is check whether it is in distress or dead. You don’t want a bird decomposing in the gutter of your home.

If the bird is dead, you can poke a long stick down the drainpipe to dislodge it until it falls out from the other opening.

If the bird is alive, safely getting it out should be your priority. You can use bamboo stakes to push the bird softly towards the bottom opening.

If your gutter is curved at the end, try to remove its elbow if possible. You should continue gently pushing the bird using the stick until it pops out from the bottom.

Nearly every house has downspouts or drainpipes to get rid of rainwater. Small birds often nest in those pipes since they provide proper shelter to them. But if they somehow get stuck in those downspouts and the rain water and debris rush down, it can challenge their survival.

Remove the stuck bird from the bottom of the spout

Why Do Birds Nest In Downspouts?

Birds will nest in downspouts because they like to live in secluded places to raise their hatchlings safely. Aa downspout birds the perfect spot that meets those Nesting needs

However, there are several other reasons why birds nest in downspouts.

Safety From Predators

A downspout can provide excellent safety to birds from predators such as cats. Because of its small openings, such predators cannot hunt the birds or their hatchlings. Besides land predators, downspouts also serve as excellent shelter for birds to stay protected from predatory birds and tree snakes. 

Food Source

Downspouts serve as an excellent reservoir of food for birds. Since these downpipes host decomposing leaves and a humid environment, they present a perfect place for insects to thrive. As a result, the birds can find food easily without risking flying out.

Minimal Effort

It takes quite some effort for birds to make a nest from scratch. A downspout or other tight openings on the roof provide the perfect space for nests made with minimal material. Hence, birds take advantage of these openings and use them as lofty nesting places.

Relocate the bird from your downspout

What To Do If You Find Birds Living In Your Downspout?

Tackling a bird’s nest in a downspout can be difficult. Here are some ways in which you can ensure these animals stay unharmed while decolonizing the downspouts. 

Place Birdhouses Around Your Yard

Some bird lovers would hate removing birds from their homes, even if they are living in downspouts. However, it is best to keep the birds away from the pipes.

A better idea would be to install birdhouses around your house. You can also place bird feeders near them to attract birds into nesting there rather than inside gutters or downspouts.

Call A Professional Bird Service

You can call a professional creature control service to check for birds nesting in your downspouts. They have the equipment and expertise to remove the birds safely and prevent them from entering again.

Use Bird Decoys

Putting up bird decoys is an effective way to keep the birds away. You can purchase dummies like rubber snakes and owls to scare the birds. You can also hang shiny metal objects near their dwellings as a deterrent.

How Do You Prevent Birds From Nesting In Downspouts?

As downspouts have small openings, they provide an ideal shelter for small birds to nest and stay protected from various predators. But these pipes can also kill harmless birds if they get stuck in them.

Prevent Birds From Nesting In Downspouts

Here are some preventive measures you can take to stop birds from nesting in your downspout: 

Cap Your Downspouts

Sealing or capping the holes of the downspouts around your house is a perfect way of preventing birds from nesting in them. Every year, thousands of birds die in downpipes with no lids. So, you should probably cork your downspouts with screen mesh, even if the pipes are several inches in diameter.

Eradicate Nearby Food Sources 

If food sources exist near the downspouts, it will attract birds to nest in the pipes. Therefore, you should immediately remove any water or food source located near the downspouts to discourage the birds from entering inside. 

Regularly Clean The Downspouts

Downspouts, especially uncleaned ones, contain collections of debris that birds can use as nesting materials, serving as an ideal location for dwelling. So, regularly cleaning the downspouts will reduce the accumulation of debris, making the pipes unsuitable for birds to nest in. 

Installing Motion-Detecting Alarms

Motion-detecting alarms can significantly reduce the chances of birds living in downspouts. These alarms can be installed on top of the downpipes. Upon detecting motion, the alarms will go off, startling the birds and causing them to move elsewhere.

Spray Bird Repellent 

Bird repellent sprays are a cost-effective way to keep birds from dwelling in downspouts. When applied, they contain sticky chemicals that can make the environment unfavorable for birds. However, ensure that you purchase non-hazardous and eco-friendly sprays to minimize ecological risks.

Is It Okay If Birds Are Living In Your Downspouts?

Downspouts drain rainwater from the roof to other areas of your property. If they become a bird nesting place, it can cause multiple problems. 

Health Risks

Bird dwellings in downspouts are often associated with many health risks. Since birds are carriers of various pathogens like microbes and viruses, they can affect human health by risking infections or diseases. For instance, pigeons spread airborne diseases such as cryptococcosis among humans.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can be problematic, especially if they are present in downspouts. Apart from spreading an unpleasant smell, they can cause damage to your drainage pipes, adding extra costs for repairs.


If you are dealing with flooding issues, it might be due to birds living in your downspouts. Because birds use debris, dirt, and feathers to build their nests, they might block your downpipes. Consequently, it can lead to flooding and rots in your house foundations.

The Bottom Line

Chirping birds are a sight to watch for everyone. However, if they start nesting in your downspouts, they can cause many problems, including health risks and clogs.

While you can use a bamboo stick down the pipe to get rid of them, contacting a professional bird service is best to ensure the birds’ safety. You can also use bird decoys, repellent sprays, and motion-detecting alarms to minimize the chances of future nestings.