Do you want to transform your current backyard into the oasis of your dreams? Many people feel overwhelmed by the projects that they want to tackle in their backyard. They don’t know where to start with gardening, building their own deck, or even just setting up a simple garden party for their friends to enjoy. Making your backyard into a space that you fall in love with doesn’t have to be difficult.

Backyard Bella is here to help.

I have curated some of the best content on the internet to help you tackle those projects that keep you awake at night. Whether you want to build a great entertainment space or simply want to cover your patio with some shade, I can help you to take the first steps. My construction projects are simple and come with easy-to-follow instructions that anyone can tackle with a little bit of technical know-how and familiarity with a toolset.

Do you dream of maintaining those crystal blue waters for your backyard pool? Maintaining your pool can be a bit tricky, but I have some tips that can help. Make your backyard the most appealing spot this summer with clear waters and a well-maintained deck. Backyard Bella is committed to helping you manage your pool, building project, and so much more.

But that isn’t all I do. I want you to feel completely comfortable and confident in your backyard, opening up your home to share this space with loved ones. That’s why you’ll find plenty of content on hosting the best backyard barbecues, outdoor entertainment, and party games. I can walk you through everything from decorating for your latest soiree to planning the menu for a picky crowd.

Speaking of planning a menu, when is the last time you thought about where your food really comes from? Backyard Bella wants to help you make good space of your garden and guide you in tending to those fruits and veggies that you always wanted to harvest. You can eat healthier and spend more time with your hands in the soil – a win-win all the way around.

No matter what you want to do with your backyard, Backyard Bella is here to help. My blog will walk you through simple building projects, pool maintenance tips, party-throwing suggestions, gardening and so much more. If you can dream it for your backyard, then I’m here to assist!

– Bella