We’re starting to feel the temperature drop more and more every day as we enter the cold season. Cold means we will be seeing snow anytime soon. Maybe it is already snowing in your area. So it’s time to get prepared for that first big snowfall by finding the best snow blower for a gravel driveway.

But If you have a gravel driveway, purchasing a snow blower gets a little more complicated. While there are plenty of options on the market, you have to be sure that you purchase a snow blower that can handle a gravel driveaway.

The 6 Best Snow Blowers for Gravel Driveways

I’ve searched through the options for you to try to help you out. In this guide, you will see my top picks for the best gravel driveway snow blower options out there. I have complete overviews and reviews, including the pros and cons of each option!

Let’s take a look.

PowerSmart DB72024PA 24-inch Gas Powered Snow Blower

PowerSmart Snow Blower Gas Powered, 2-Stage Snow Blower

If you really want the best of the best, this Power Smart DB72024PA 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower (on Amazon) could be a great option for you. This highly-rated snow blower will work for a gravel drive. This has a middle price range. So it’s premium without being too overboard on price.

This is a gas snow blower that sports 13-inch snow wheels that can certainly handle snow and gravel. You can adjust the up and down direction easily as well as the gears. This snow blower has a 212cc engine that offers plenty of power.

The discharge is adjustable up to 40 feet and the chute deflector helps to not have snow blowing right back at you. The snow blower has a 24-inch clearing width so you can clear quickly and efficiently. There are a total of 8 speeds, with 6 forward and 2 backward.


  • Clears a 24-inch path
  • Powerful 212cc motor
  • Gas-powered and easy to operate
  • 8 speeds for operation


  • The reverse gear tends to malfunction and you may have to disengage the gear and manually pull backwards

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Ariens 921046 Deluxe Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 in. Two- Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Next up is your premium option snow blower Ariens Deluxe Two Stage Snow Blower. This is a clear example of “you get what you pay for” and the quality of this snow blower is certainly worth the price. This gas-powered snow blower will work beautifully on your gravel driveway or any other surface as well.

This blower has a 256cc engine, which packs a pretty powerful punch. The tires are high-quality 16-inch snow tires that will handle snow-packed gravel with ease. The remote chute deflects snow and debris away from you.

This has an electric start mechanism that is really easy to work with. The machine overall is well-built and it is simple to maneuver and use. The high wall in front of the plow system provides you safety from gravel that could try to fly up as well.

By the way, this has a heated handle so you get plenty of comfort.


  • Premium model with premium options
  • Heated grip for your working comfort
  • Remote chute that deflects snow and gravel
  • 16-inch snow tires
  • Adjustable skid shoe to handle any surface


  • The reverse functionality is pretty slow
  • The heated handgrips take quite a while to heat up

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PowerSmart 26-inch two-stage snow blower BS26

Briggs & Stratton 1696619

If you know your budget keeps you around $1,000 but don’t want to end up with a super cheap option, check out this snow blower from PowerSmart. It operates using a 250cc powerful motor and also has a remote deflector for blowing that snow where you want it to go.

This is a powerful and large snow blower that clears a 26-inch wide path. The depth is adjustable to meet your needs, making it perfect for a gravel driveway. The intake is about 12 inches. This snow blower is very powerful and will clear quickly and efficiently.

It has large tires that can handle snow and various terrain. It has an electric start system to start up with ease. The chute rotates a full 180 degrees so you can move it to meet your needs as well. It’s a pretty great machine with a lot of functionality.


  • Clears a 26-inch wide path
  • Chute rotates a full 180 degrees
  • Powerful 250cc motor


  • Wet or soggy snow may not handle as well with this blower
  • Can be tough to start even with an electric start

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Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

YARDMAX YB6270 Two-Stage Snow Blower

If you’re looking for a “Premium” option, we love this ST224 Two-Stage Snow Blower from Husqvarna. It’s simple and effective and it will work quite well on your gravel driveway.

This review is particular to the 24-Inch model. It operates on a 208cc engine that is 6.3 hp. It measures 24 inches so it cuts a decent path overall. It’s easy to start and quite easy to operate and work with as well.

This snow blower is self-propelled so it won’t take a lot of effort to manipulate across the drive. This has an axe-shaped housing that can cut through ice and snow. The chute is easy to control and rotate to your needs.


  • 24-inch blower path
  • Augers can handle ice and snow
  • Easy to operate with self-propelled design


  • Take a little bit of work to assemble

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Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

Here’s a really great budget-friendly option that falls under $300. It’s a really great choice if you don’t need a ton of power. This Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower so no gas to worry about, either!

This blower operates on 15 amps. It’s great for quick clearing of small to mid-sized driveways and areas. It does clear quickly and efficiently for those smaller spaces. This is a 22-inch model so it cuts a decent swatch as far as size goes. It even has LED lights in case you’re blowing snow in the dark.

This has an adjustable steel auger to make it through all types of snow and terrains. The chute is also adjustable, although not as long as some options. As with all of their products, this is covered by a customer promise for satisfaction and quality that extends for 2 years past your purchase date.


  • Budget-friendly model under $200
  • Electric design that requires no gas
  • Covers a 22-inch width
  • Simple and effective solution
  • Covered by a 2-year guarantee


  • Managing a cord can be a challenge and you will need to be sure you have sufficient cord length

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EGO SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower

Poulan Pro PR241 Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

Finally, we have a runner-up model for an electric model. This EGO SNT2400 that comes in all kinds of sizes and options so you can pick the blower that is best for your gravel driveway.

This machine operates at 56 volts which packs plenty of power, and can toss snow up to 50 feet. This is a 24-inch snow blower that clears snow quickly and efficiently with lots of power.

The intake height on this bad boy is 20 inches, which means it can handle even the heaviest of snowfalls.


  • 20-inch snowblower
  • High-powered operation
  • Plenty of versatility with the chute
  • Professional-grade quality


  • The chute is not very sturdy but it gets the job done.

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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Snow Blower for Gravel Driveways

Snow covered gravel driveway

We’ve shared some of our top picks here but you might be wondering just what makes these the top picks? When you’re looking for a snow blower for gravel driveways, what is it you should be looking for?

We’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide that gives you some thoughtful insight as to the things you may want to consider for your snow blower. This section is designed to help you make an informed decision that will benefit your needs.

Can You Use Snow Blowers on Gravel?

The answer here is yes and while we shared 6 top options, there are plenty more options out there that will work just fine. So, how do you know if a snow blower will work for a gravel driveway?

You will want a snow blower with an adjustable chute so you can blow the snow well away from you. This is one of the top 10 features Consumer Reports have on their list. It’s always possible that it will snag some small gravel (although it should be minimal) so you want to know that the gravel isn’t going to blow up and hit you while you’re using your machine.

We typically recommend using a gas-powered blower but there are some electric ones that will do ok for the job. Some things that help with gravel are looking for a snow blower that has a slightly-raised mouth area. In other words, it won’t drag the path on the gravel when in use. If you choose an option with an adjustable height, this would be ideal.

Now, check out these characteristics to consider.


The size really doesn’t matter here, except to meet your needs. The size you need really depends on the size of the area that you will be clearing when the time comes. We’ve provided a few different size options here. The smaller the size, the smaller of an area the snow blower will clear at a time.

If you have a large gravel driveway to clear, we recommend going with a larger size. The choice really is up to you in the end.

Two or Three-Stage?

You will notice that several of the reviews we shared talk about stage like single-stage or two-stage. Three-stage snow blowers are for large and powerful use overall. They tend to be more expensive. They do work really well on gravel and rocks and they clear quickly and efficiently overall.

A two-stage blower is just slightly smaller and doesn’t have as many augers. They are a great option for gravel because they aren’t TOO powerful but still plenty powerful to get things done quickly and to be able to handle gravel space.

Either of these will work great but a two-stage option is sufficient for a gravel driveway.

You can learn more about this by reading our article: 2-stage vs 3-stage snow blower.


The power behind your snow blower can make a significant difference. Paying for a little extra power is typically well worth it. When you’re out there in the heavy or wet snow, power is what will get the job done.

The more power the better in my opinion, but you also don’t have to go all out with the most powerful option to be satisfied with your snow blower’s work. If you get a lot of thick or wet snow in the winter, you will definitely want more power over less.

Remember the power is directly related to the snow blower’s ability to “power” through the snow.


Regardless of the size of your gravel driveway, you need a good way to clear it. A gravel driveway snow blower may not have a label that says gravel-friendly so keep these tips and options in mind and you will be fully prepared when the snow hits.

Which option do you have your eye on?


Can You Use an Electric Snow Blower on Gravel?

Yes, you can. However, it’s not our top recommendation. It is really best if you go with a gas option. If you do choose electric, it is recommended for small areas and you will want to be sure the other features are gravel-friendly so that it works for your needs.

Do Snow Blowers Have Power Steering?

This is a feature that typically costs extra. Some of your higher-end models do have power steering but there are models out there that do not. If this is something you want, be sure to check the details. Remember that it may cost more for this feature.

What Can I Use Besides a Snow Blower?

If you have an ATV or even a tractor that will work in the snow, you can always purchase a snow plow attachment and use it with one of these. Some other alternatives might be a good snow shovel or even a handheld snow blower as well.

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