Lawn mowers and grass mowers come in different sizes and designs. I am betting you are here because you have recently heard of a convertible mower deck.

It is a piece of versatile machinery that offers many advantages over traditional mower decks. Let’s look at everything you need to know about convertible mowers.

What Is A Convertible Mower Deck?

A convertible mower deck is a type of lawnmower that can convert from a push-type mower to a pull-type mower. It is ideal for small yards where space is at a premium and is also a good choice for homeowners with many acreages to mow.

Additionally, convertible mower decks can be used by homeowners who want to use a different type of mower for different types of grass. When its blade rises, the deck mows down the cut grass and deposits it back into the lawn.

Convertible mower decks are designed to combine the best attributes of both types of blades and allow you to switch between two different cutting heights. Instead of having two separate blades, a convertible mower uses a single blade that can be moved between a rotary position and a sickle position.

One setting cuts grass at a low height, while the other cuts grass at a higher height. You can choose whether you want to cut grass at a lower height or a higher height, depending on what type of grass you have.

Convertible mower decks have many advantages over traditional mower decks. They are much easier to store than their stationary counterparts. You don’t need to worry about where to put them when you’re done using them.

Using a Convertible Mower Deck

The best part about a convertible mower deck is that it is easier to operate than traditional ones. You don’t need to adjust anything before using it. All you need to do is push down the handle and start cutting.

It has flexible tires, so you can store them anywhere you want. Convertible mower decks also allow you to use any type of grass blade that fits your mower.

Can A Convertible Mower Deck Be Used For Mulching?

An advantage of convertible mower decks is that they are versatile. You can use them for both grass cutting and mulching. If you want to cut grass, you just pull out the blade. But if you want to mulch, you simply turn the deck around and push the material into the ground.

How To Keep A Convertible Mower Deck Clean?

It is important to keep your convertible mower deck clean after every use to ensure its longevity.

To maintain its condition and longevity check the blades from time to time and make sure they are not bent or broken. If you find that they are damaged, replace them immediately to keep it performing well. You should also clean the deck after use with a good spray of water.

A convertible mower deck cutting grass


A convertible mower deck is a remarkable addition to your tool shed. It is easy to store and offers benefits over traditional movers. Getting a convertible mower deck is a great maintenance investment as it can cut the grass and different levels and helps with the process of mulching.