Regular maintenance and proper cleaning of a gutter machine is vital for long-lasting and efficient machine performance. Inspecting the parts of the equipment at regular intervals can help you save a lot of money on extensive repairs and service.

While you can always hire a professional to assist with the inspection, you should know about maintaining your gutter machine to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Importance Of Gutter Machine Cleaning

Gutter machines have a high up-front cost; however, regular maintenance can save repair costs in the future. Regularly cleaning the machine helps keep it well-maintained and helps deliver high-end products to your customers.

Taking care of your gutter machine brings a range of benefits to the user, including:

  • It keeps your machine running efficiently for a long time.
  •  It improves the quality of manufactured gutters.
  • It avoids repairs and service costs in the future.
  • Allows a safer and better performance.
  • It increases the lifespan of different parts of the gutter machine.

While gutter machines can produce various styles of gutters, they may encounter problems if not taken care of properly:

  • The components might get damaged.
  • You must spend a lot of time and money on service and repair.
  • Slow production and delayed run times.
  • Poor gutter formation leads to a slow installation process and business loss.
  • Inferior quality gutters can affect the customer’s satisfaction and your business.
A dirty gutter machine will affect performance

Factors Affecting Gutter Machine Performance

Multiple factors can affect the efficiency and performance of a gutter machine.

Dirt, Debris, And Foreign Objects

Dirt and debris can build up on various parts of the machine if left unchecked. This can damage the parts and influence the functioning of your machine. Similarly, leaving materials or foreign objects in the machine can damage it. That’s why a thorough inspection is necessary to ensure that your gutter machine is immaculate.

Make sure the machine remains empty of materials when not in use. This will prevent the collection of dirt and debris inside the machine; otherwise, you might have to bear the additional expense of replacement parts.

Foreign material can also cause rippling or indentation on the face or bottom of the gutter. Identifying whether the dent is inside-out or outside-in can help you determine the location of a foreign object in the machine. If the dent is inside-out, there must be damage, or something is stuck on the top drive roller. On the other hand, a dent identified as outside-in means there is some issue on the bottom drive roller.

Once the foreign object is located, remove it and clean the machine using an emery cloth.

Improper Lubrication

Inadequate lubrication can cause rust on the shear blades, chains, and entry guide chains. This can lead to premature blade damage and malfunctioning. Moreover, the gutters will not have a clean cut, affecting the quality.

Too much lubrication on the drive rollers would cause issues like slipping, improper movement, or oil marks on the gutters.

How To Clean A Gutter Machine

The latest generation of gutter machines have a polyurethane driver rolling system featuring free-floating rollers. These rollers require regular cleaning to function correctly.

1. Turn on the machine and spray a solvent or degreaser on the rollers.

2. Allow the engine to run for some time, so the solvent spreads out evenly.

3. Turn off the gutter machine, and remove power. Wipe the rollers with a dirt-free piece of cloth. Make sure to clear as much dirt and debris as possible.

4. Turn on the machine again and change your position. Be careful and keep your hands away from the machine.

5. Turn it off, and unplug it once again, then wipe the other side of the gutter machine.

6. Repeat the process if necessary.

7. Clean out the rest of the machine using a shop vacuum.

8. Then wipe down the whole machine with a clean cloth. Make sure to inspect all the parts of the machine closely while wiping it down.

Maintenance For Gutter Machines

Maintenance For Gutter Machines

Regular and preventive maintenance can help you save huge bucks on repairs and replacements in the future. Each gutter machine comes with a machine manual that states recommendations and the exact time for maintenance.

You can follow this simple guide to upkeep the performance of your gutter machine.

40 Hours

Lubricate the chains of the machine after every 40 hours of operation. You can use a motorcycle lubricant or equivalent.

30 Cuts

Use a spray lube on both sides of the blades and dies after 30 cuts or whenever the cutting edge seems to get dry. This will ensure a proper and clean cut on the gutters.


Thoroughly clean the whole machine using a cloth, including the body, blades, and dies.


Check the assembly blades for any dust and debris deposits. Check the hydraulic fluid levels weekly if you use a hydraulic-driven gutter machine.

Twice A Year

Inspect all parts of the gutter machine for any damage. Check chain tension and apply grease if necessary.


The hydraulic fluid needs to be changed yearly as the oil will degrade if it remains in the machine for a long time.

Maintenance Tips

Besides following the recommended maintenance manual, you can also use some tips:

  • Read and understand the manual of the gutter machine before cleaning it.
  • Keep guards, lids, and covers mounted while the machine is running.
  • Follow all safety rules and signs mentioned on the machine.
  • Do not wear loose clothing and jewelry while operating the machine.
  • Make sure to remove all the material from the machine after every use.
  • Do not store it outside, and make sure to provide good ventilation. 
  • Lubricate the chains and keep them tensioned.

The Bottom Line On Cleaning Your Gutter Machine

Your gutter machine will perform efficiently if you keep up with the inspection and cleaning routine. Not only will it save additional expenses on repairs and replacements, but it also increases the lifespan of your machine and the quality of products.