Summer calls for lawn maintenance and regular cleaning. Cleaning your lawn mower grass bag increases its lifespan and is crucial to ensure its proper functioning. 

A lawn mower grass bag can be easily cleaned by removing all the grass clippings and debris and then following up with blowing away the dry grass, debris, and dust that remains.

Lastly, you can use a water hose to deep cleanse it to get rid of grass stains, mold, and stuck-on debris, and let it dry,

Some people may not even think about the mower bag or realize that cleaning it is important. If this is you, keep reading and follow the steps below while we cover.

How To Clean A Lawn Mower Grass Bag

Step 1: Prep The Grass Bag

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your grass bag for a thorough cleanse:

  • Unplug your lawn mower and ensure it is powered off.
  • Remove the bag from the mower deck. Read the user manual if you are not sure about how to do this.
  • Use a waste bag to collect the leaves and grass inside the bag.
  • Turn the bag upside down and shake out all the remaining plant garbage.
Prep The Grass Bag For Cleaning

Step 2: Unclog The Fabric Pores

The fabric of your grass mower bag tends to get clogged due to decomposing leaves/grass. The growth of mold and fungus can also cause this.

Summers cause grass to be dry, which is why dirt/dust gather in your yard/garden. All of this can negatively affect a mower’s function. Let’s unclog your grass bag’s fabric:

  • Place the grass bag upside down in a flat area.
  • Use an air compressor nozzle from the leaf blower to blow on the outside of the bag. Dirt, grime, and debris stuck in pores will start to loosen this way.
  • Use a lower PSI with an air compressor to prevent fabric tears.
  • Turn the fabric inside out and repeat the steps above.
  • Make sure to get rid of as much plant matter and dirt as you can.

Step 3: Wash The Grass Bag

Once you have removed as much dirt and debris as possible, wash the fabric bag. You can use a pressure washer set at a low PSI or a garden hose pipe.

Most grass bags are made from nylon fabric, so using lower pressure is ideal. However, if you have a grass bag made of another durable material or canvas, you can use higher water pressure.

Wash the fabric from inside and out, and pay extra attention to the inside fabric.

Step 4: Scrub The Grass Bag

Once you have watered and washed down the fabric, the next step is scrubbing. Always use a soft utility brush such as the ones used in bathrooms and kitchens to clean the grass mower bag fabric.

Alternatively, you can also make use of a toothbrush if you do not have a utility brush. However, it may take longer to clean with a toothbrush, and may only be best to take care of small spots.

Never use a brush with steel or hard plastic bristles, as these can damage nylon bags and make them unusable.

After scrubbing, you will want to wash the fabric again to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

Let the bag air dry and under sunlight before attaching it back to the mower. A dry bag will prevent mildew and mold from growing inside the mower bag.

Step 5: Getting Rid Of Stains

This is the final but optional step. Once your bag is clean, you may want to get rid of bad odors, stains, and mold. Deep cleaning should only be performed once the fabric bag is thoroughly washed and scrubbed.

Below are items you will need to create a DIY grass stain remover:

  • Baking soda
  • Measuring spoons
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Dish detergent

Mix the detergent with peroxide and thicken this concoction with baking soda to form a paste. Use a brush to apply the paste to the fabric and let it rest for an hour.

Repeat the process if stains are still visible. Let the grass bag dry under sunlight once you are done.

Alternatively, you can also use baking soda and vinegar paste. Once your paste is ready, start the application.

Pour some vinegar over the stain, then apply the paste to the region using a sponge or rag. Scrub until you get rid of the stains.

Also, clean the attachment area of your lawn lower where the grass bag sits using a soft brush.

Step 6: Dry It Out

Turn the bag inside out and make sure it is empty of any wet grass clips. You can leave the grass catcher in the sun or blow air on it for a fast dry. Just make sure it is fully dry before reconnecting it to prevent mold and mildew. Once you are ready, reattach the clean lawn bag.

A clean grass bag on a lawn mower

Final Words On Cleaning Your Lawn Mower Grass Bag

Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure a longer mower lifespan and durability.

Your grass bag will work efficiently, and your mower will face no difficulty collecting leaves, grass, and dirt once you thoroughly clean your mower bag and connecting area.