One of the key points you need to keep in mind before building a swimming pool is the access required for pool excavation.

In order to build a large pool, you should always aim for maximum access. But, the main thing is doorway access to begin a new pool construction project. Unfortunately, building a pool can become quite a task if your space is limited. Read this article to find out how much access is required to install a pool.

How Much Access Is Required To Build A Swimming Pool?

Not all backyards are the same size and shape; no hard and fast rule defines how much access is required to build a pool. However, an inground pool usually takes up not more than a third of your lawn. 

Here are some points that need to be remembered while planning your pool installation:

Plan Your Layout For The Pool

Before even considering building a pool, you should make a plan for the layout of the area where you want your pool to be. You must ensure it fits the standard requirements needed to build a pool.

The builders will start by laying out and marking the ideal spot for your swimming pool. There should be enough space to enter the electrical connections area of the pool. 

Digging a pool with very little access

The Level Of Access Required

A pool can be built with whatever level of access is available as long as a gate length of the opening is there to start the construction. 

  • Access size: The regular access to build is 2 meters which includes the length and width.
  • Equipment: A mini excavator is the main machinery required to build a swimming pool. It is used to excavate the dirt from the ground depending on the size and depth of your swimming pool into the desired shape of the pool. You will also need a bobcat and a dump truck close by. In order to construct the main structure of the pool, concrete is used. For this, a concrete mixer will also be needed, which keeps the concrete continuously mixing to prevent it from going hard. 
  • Restricted access: Although building a pool with limited access is possible; many difficult methods need to be used for this to happen. A larger-than-normal crane will be needed if your space is too small or the pool shell is too big.

If you have minimum access to the backyard for the excavator you may need to make more room by removing fencing or outdoor sheds. In the worst-case scenario, you may also need permission from your neighbor to cross their land for the machinery to go through.

Getting the excavator in to the back yard to dig a pool

Safety And Other Measures

A swimming pool isn’t built overnight. It takes a few weeks or months of construction, meaning there will be a large hole in your backyard for quite some time until the pool is installed.

A warning sign or something that disables access to the pool area must be put up to avoid accidents until the construction is complete.

You will also need to find where to dispose of the soil that was dug up from the pool hole. 

Other things which no one thinks of during the construction, like safety steps for young swimmers and pool lights for aesthetic purposes, need to be said to the builders beforehand to avoid miscommunication. 

Final Thoughts On Access

Building a swimming pool can be challenging and time-consuming, no matter how much access you have to build it. This is why professionals need to be hired to get all the information before getting your pool installed.

They can make a proper layout of the building plan and how to execute it, ensuring safety isn’t compromised and keep your required pool design in mind.